Home Warranty

Each and every Progressive Home Warranty Member Builder must pass an extensive membership approval process that includes detailed financial underwriting, a review of the member's technical qualifications, an investigation of the member's customer service history, and collection of multiple references. It would be impossible for you as a potential client to learn this much about this Member Builder but thanks to our underwriting process this work has all been done for you.

Your home is constructed of approximately 3,000 components, which in itself can be overwhelming, but add to that the fact that you are now faced with lawyers, legal contracts, mortgage or financing contracts and the purchase or construction of your home can be daunting to say the least.

This section of the web-site will try and provide you with the basic information you require to better manage your interests and make the purchase or renovation of your home as simple as possible. We will work hard to ensure that your choice of a PHW Member Builder is rewarded in the years to come. It is important for you to protect your investment and to help ensure that your home gives you many years of worry-free enjoyment. CMHC has recognized Progressive New Home Warranty Program for mortgage loan insurance purposes. For more information, visit us online.